America’s Best Aircraft Maintenance (ABAM)

The GA Maintenance shop has the capability to provide inspections, repairs, services and equipment installation for most General Aviation fixed wing aircraft. The shop is staffed by more than 30 years of experience in aviation maintenance and by FAA fully certified Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics.  All have completed aircraft maintenance qualification programs through training offered either by the US Military, Technical Schools, or other institutions of higher learning.  All of our work is accomplished in accordance with our General Operating Manuals.

Airframe, Engine, and Electrical Repairs: 

FAA mandated scheduled inspections of General Aviation aircraft constitute a major portion of ABAM maintenance operations.  However, our shop also performs work on aircraft on Government flight support contracts.  Most of this work falls into the category of unscheduled maintenance repairs for Airframe, engine, and electrical malfunctions.  The A & P maintenance technicians also support the Avionics section on work unrelated to actual avionics installations and repairs.  Tasks include inspection, troubleshooting, analysis, and repairs for specific aircraft and aircraft systems malfunctions.  We also perform scheduled weighing of aircraft to ensure valid numbers are posted to the weight and balance charts.  Following repairs, the General Aviation Team is responsible for conducting a thorough Quality Control Inspection of all work with the Chief Mechanic and for completing ground and air functional checks in accordance with industry standards and checklists.

Airworthiness Directives:

The ABAM General Aviation Maintenance Team does not prepare Airworthiness Certifications, but rather accomplishes inspections of aircraft and historical records to validate compliance with applicable Airworthiness Certifications and/or Directives. Following modifications and some complex repairs, aircraft must be inspected to ensure the airframe, mission equipment, and historical records reflect proper configuration and compliance with existing airworthiness certification and directives.  Additionally, ABAM technicians execute airworthiness directives that are announced by the FAA or Original Equipment Manufacturer that may require grounding of the aircraft, timely inspections, or specific repairs.

Annual Inspections:    Annual inspections of General Aviation aircraft constitute more than a third of the work accomplished in our maintenance facility.  The FAA requires these inspections by an A & P licensed mechanic in order for the aircraft to remain flyable in FAA air structure.  The Chief Mechanic is responsible for coordinating the inspection with the aircraft owner, going over everything the annual inspection entails and citing any parts or equipment that must be removed and replaced.  Chief Mechanic is responsible for the quality inspection of all work, records update and functional checks as required.

Sheet Metal and Composite Repair:  

ABAM has moderate capability in performing Airframe sheet metal and composite repairs for General Aviation fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.  We have all the tools and materials to repair and/or replace composite and sheet metal components that have been damaged or exceed wear tolerances or corrosion limits.  We have experience in completing extensive repairs to compartments, wings, and even aircraft interiors damaged by cargo loads, etc.

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