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Inspection Authorization (IA) Course (3-Day)

Inspection Authorization (IA) Course (3-Day)

 Interested in getting your Inspection Authorization (IA)?  Then, the America's Best AMT IA Course can help you achieve your goal.  This 3-day course is designed to assist applicants in preparing for their FAA IA exam.  To take this course, make sure that you have the following:

  • Possessing A&P rating for (3) three years, and being engaged in maintaining aircraft for two years prior to the date of your application.

  • Having a fixed base of operation.

  • Having the equipment, facilities, and inspection data available to properly perform Inspection Authorization (IA) duties and functions.



America’s Best AMT Courses (IA) Inspection Authorization Course is specifically designed for candidates who meet (FAR) 65.91.


International IA Students:

International U.S.A. FAA Airframe & Powerplant holders can receive authorization (8610-1 Form) to test with us here at America's Best AMT.  We will escort you a local FAA International Field Office prior to beginning the course to receive permission to take the examination.  Upon completion of the course, you will return to the FAA to receive your (IA) Inspection Authorization Certificate.


Please call or email us with any questions:

America’s Best AMT Courses



After you have signed up for the course and made your payment (Test Fees are separate), please click on the below link after you purchase the course to validate the student agreement.



  • Refunds:

    Testing fees are separate from the course and to take the course you need your 8610-1.  If you sign up for one and you do not have authorization from the FAA, refunds will not be issued.

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