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Oral & Practicals Course (3-Day) (Practice O&P)

Oral & Practicals Course (3-Day) (Practice O&P)

*This course is only for the Practical Exams*

If you dream of being an A&P mechanic, this A&P acceleration course may be the correct one for you! This A&P Aviation Mechanic Course (Practicals & Oral) is a very intensive, 3-Day course designed to help the applicants pass the A&P Practical Examinations with an FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME).   We are with you until you get fully certified. (DME fees are separate, as you directly pay the examiner)


Make sure you select a date on when you are attending the course. Please send an email to ( in regards to your selected class dates.




After you sign up for the course and pay, click on the bottom link to validate the student agreement.



Again, this is ONLY for the 3-Day A&P (Practicals) course. Testing Fees are separate from the course. The student will select the 3-days, and we will accommodate or modify them if needed.

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